Greenoxx Consulting is dedicated to environmental consultancy in everything related to forestry and REDD projects within the voluntary markets of emission reduction.

It participates in all the steps which are necessary for achieving specific and tangible objectives both for companies and governments. Its activities include project identification, elaboration and development of projects, registration and validation within the respective markets, and all the studies that are involved in the process.

Greenoxx Consulting develops technical, financial and feasibility studies, through its specialized team, in all areas related to climate change, always taking into account the goals of the corporations and Governments that contract its services.

Greenoxx has been member of the Chicago Climate Exchange (CCX), Offset Aggregator, member of the CCX Forestry Committee and member of the CCX Technical Advisory Committee for Forest Conservation Projects.

Greenoxx Consulting has deep knowledge of REDD (Reduced Emission from Deforestation and Degradation) projects, especially in Latin America and has studied in depth the opportunities and projection of the sector within the voluntary markets.